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Parents and Student Reviews

I started voice lessons with Teacher Emy when I was 7 years old. Before I seldom practice proper vocalization and I don’t extend my mouth especially when pronouncing vowel sounds. Her program helped me improve what I already have and learn what I didn’t know. She taught me the basics really well and I still apply it till now.

faith emdantes student

She helped me discover a new sense of love for music. My music lessons are a big part of why my growing years were very memorable

Gilian emdantes student

I was a bit worried because english is not my first language so I’m not fluent, but I really want to learn how to sing. Emy is very patient and passionate in teaching. She made sure that at the end of our lesson I learn something new and that i’m improving everyday

mariia emdantes singing lesson student

It was fun and educational experience. Thank you Ms Emy for teaching me how to read notes, proper posture when playing and even tune my own guitar. I learned how to play the different genre of music may it be classical or pop. You have so much patience and dedication in teaching your students. The most memorable experience I had was when you signed me up for a recital. I was nervous at first and confident at the same that I will perform well because  I have a great teacher. I really recommend your teaching style and I hope you will continue to share your talent to more students.

anzel emdantes student

It hasn’t even been a month yet but I’ve already been able to sing notes I never thought I could reach! Teacher Em gives tips that are easy to understand and apply and I always end up surprising myself after every lesson because I always unlock something new that I can do with my voice. It is also a safe space with her because she always reassures me that it’s okay to make mistakes and she responds positively to it by being patient and really makes sure I can solve them.  She also gives tips that I’ve never heard before that are really helpful to make my singing not only sound better but also feel comfortable. Really recommend!!!


 have two boys 6 years and 8 years, learning piano under Em. At first I was skeptical how my kids would learn piano online. But I was pleasantly surprise the boys are actually learning and able to find their sessions fun and engaging. Looking forward for the boys learn more instruments after piano with Em.


I was looking for a guitar teacher for my son. He was doing face to face and online lessons before but not happy with my son’s progress (for a year). I contacted one of my friends whom I know will lead me to the right person, and he really did!

Now, my son plays guitar on a fun, steady pace type of learning. He partakes well, building his skills consistently and the progress of how he plays the instrument is commendable!

I also enrolled myself (I always wanted to learn how to play guitar) and will be enrolling my daughter for piano lessons!

Thank you so much Teacher Em, for all your hard work, patience and your expertise. It goes to show how much you love your craft- your passion for music!  🎼🎶


Our daughter is happy and grateful that we enrolled her to a VOICE lesson with Ms. Em.  It’s like a stress reliever for her from the school load, a whole week of school work that ends with a VOICE lesson on a Friday. She is happy learning a new songs  and happier to know that she is improving in her singing. Thanks


We were a bit skeptical in the beginning if our daughter will learn a lot in singing given her young age (5 years old) and the online mode of teaching delivered by teacher Em but each week, our doubts has turned into confidence that our daughter can turn out to be a good singer under teacher Em’s guidance. Her patience and professionalism is unparalleled. Our daughter looks forward for her lessons every week. Commendations for teacher Em!


My daughter, Jonah, I believe has a good voice. But she’s not able to sing because she doesn’t have the Confidence. Teacher Em has given her the confidence. She is starting to learn how to “sing her heart out”. Em is a very kind hearted, mild mannered music teacher who can get a child’s attention and cultivate a child’s enthusiasm for music.



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