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Em lives and breathes music. It has been a passion she discovered at a very young age leading her to take a Bachelor’s degree in music at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines.

She started teaching music in a formal set up privately and in groups of all ages in 2009 after she graduated from the University.  However, even before she graduated, Em has already started sharing her passion and knowledge to people of different ages and skill levels.

Em believes that each student is a unique individual and one of her expertise is curating a lesson that focuses on an individual’s skills, strengths and areas that need to be developed by assessing each student carefully while taking into consideration what type of learner they are. 

As a music teacher, she recognizes the importance of providing her students with a well balanced musical education with focus and adaptability to what her students are interested in. 

Her number one priority is to keep music lessons fun without sacrificing learning. She wants her students to appreciate their musical journey and discover how music can make their life brighter.

Trusted by Parents and Students

It was always my dream to learn how to sing, and I was lucky to attend one of your classes in Macau. So much fun and educational. I think you are the best teacher you made me feel comfortable with myself in doing the exercises. Thank you so much!

zeus emdantes music lesson

Our daughter is happy and grateful that we enrolled her to a VOICE lesson with Ms. Em. It’s like a stress reliever for her from the school load, a whole week of school work that ends with a VOICE lesson on a Friday. She is happy learning a new songs and happier to know that she is improving in her singing. Thanks

Joyce Alcantara

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