Do you want to learn how to play the piano?

Imagine being able to sit down at a piano and just PLAY your favorite song? Now you can… and you can do it in weeks instead of years and you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience.

Let me ask you this…

What is stopping you from pursuing your lifelong dream of playing the piano?

Why choose EmDantes to learn how to play the piano? Hear what our Student, Hannah has to say about us!

Do you want to work with a teacher specializing in adult learning?


You’re looking for a relaxed, creative and encouraging lesson experience?

Welcome to EmDantes Online Music School, an innovative online school offering fun, safe, and creative one-on-one piano lessons for adults!

Learning to play piano has never been easier! With a professional teacher by your side who provides personalized attention.
With Em Dantes Online Piano Lessons each lesson is a happy experience. You’ll be playing your favorite piece in no time

emdantes google reviews
emdantes google reviews

In This Unique One-on-one Ultimate Piano Masterclass You’ll Get:

Access to high-quality lessons and instructor
Develop correct posture and hand position
Learn the basic fundamentals of musical notation
You will learn to read sheet music AS you learn to play-by-ear
You will know how to read music, so that you can play from lead sheets, chord sheets and sheet music.
Understand good practice technique
Learn your favorite songs faster than ever
Coordinate your 2 hands
Phrase melodies properly
Impress friends and family with your fast results

In just weeks, you could be playing your favorite piece on the piano. Hundreds of students who were first-time players have gone from knowing nothing to playing their favorite song!

Get started today and become the pianist you’ve always dreamed of.


You deserve a piano teacher who will make sure that every lesson is tailored to your needs. Adult learners have different musical goals from children and we understand this.

Adult learners are goal-oriented
Adult learners are self-directed
Adult learners seek creative self-expression

You won't regret reading our reviews

Ask Teacher Em:

How do i know if this is right for me?

This is for anyone who wants to learn to play the piano and have fun in the process.

I've zero piano skill can I really learn?

Our lessons are very well explained and tailored to your learning ability. We’ll take you STEP-BY-STEP and NOTE-BY-NOTE.

Some teachers don’t have a plan for beginners to follow. And beginners feel like they are spinning their wheels in the dark with no direction. And this is why they can’t produce results. We absolutely understand what beginners need.

Our method of teaching has worked for hundreds of students and I know that it will work for you!

Let’s face it, trying to figure it all out by yourself will take you way longer. You need someone guiding you STEP-BY-STEP throughout your piano journey.

i'm not a beginner I've tried piano lessons before will I get better?

Our teachers have decades of experience and can teach anything from the basics to advanced techniques. No matter what your specific level is we’ve got something for you.

What if I'm not satisfied?

That’s why we are giving you your money back if you don’t like the lesson after two sessions.

I'm busy with work can I have a flexible schedule?

Lessons are only once a week and you can choose the schedule that fits your busy life.

Affordable Costs, Tailored to You

When you want to take your music skills up a level, private lessons are the way to go. We offer monthly sessions that are affordable, fun, and highly effective for all levels! Our Pay as You Go option is perfect for those who want to try out a lesson before committing, and it's only 2000. It will be money well spent!
Save P1,530
3-Month Intensive one-on-one piano lessons tailored to your needs and goals. Our professional piano coaches will help you start your musical journey. You'll be able to play piano confidently in no time! Sign up now and get started on your lifelong dream. It's never too late to start pursuing your dreams
You don't need any previous experience or knowledge about piano playing! Our instructors will guide you through every step of the way. This is an opportunity for anyone who has always wanted to play the piano but never knew where to start!
For students looking to try something new and see if it's a good fit, the 60-minute private lesson is your best option.
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If You’re Not Satisfied After 2 Lessons

Sign up for your first lesson today

Imagine making a year’s worth of progress in just MONTHS, maybe even WEEKS if you’re motivated enough.