Piano LessonsWhat Are the Benefits of Online Piano Lessons?


As a parent, you have many things to think about. You have to work hard and try your best to provide for your family while also making sure that they are happy and healthy. One of the most important decisions that you will make is how you will teach them piano. Should you hire a teacher? Should you take lessons yourself? Or should you opt for online lessons? You might be wondering what benefits there are when it comes to online piano classes over in-person lessons or self-taught courses. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at some of the benefits so that parents can get an idea of which one would be best for their child!

The internet is a wonderful thing. It has created massive opportunities and opened up a world of learning directly from the comfort of our homes. One of those such opportunities is the ability to learn how to play the piano, and here at EmDantes, I offer personal one-to-one tuition for people of all experiences; from complete beginners to experienced players.

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There are a lot of benefits to learning to play the piano online, the first of all being that it is incredibly flexible and convenient. You do not need to travel to your tutor’s premises instead, you can enjoy the lessons from home at a time convenient for you. I have found that this flexibility really helps students of all abilities and lets them focus on the areas that they want to.

Learning to play an instrument can be very beneficial for people of all ages, but especially for children. When we learn an instrument it helps to increase the capacity of our brains, improving our cognitive skills as well as memory; which can help to boost your child’s learning and educational abilities.

Learning the piano, in particular, has been proven to help improve counting and math skills in children. A study by the Centre for the Study of Human Development at Brown University found that second graders specializing in the piano saw their maths skills significantly improve when compared to their peers.

It’s not just maths skills that your child could improve either, playing the piano has been proven to boost the brain’s linguistic ability as well as improve reading comprehension. Alongside helping to boost academic abilities, studies have proven that learning the piano helps to unlock the creative parts of our brain and boost our ability to generate unique outputs outside of the stereotypical responses.

According to a TED report from Anita Collins, learning the skills required to play the piano can also help to improve concentration, patience, and discipline. These are valuable life skills to learn and as watch, my students learn these skills, the boost it gives to their self-esteem is incredible to see.

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Learning an instrument is a lot of fun, and I focus on providing an enjoyable and interactive online lesson for students of all talents. Before undertaking any lessons, I hold a 30-minute assessment with each student so I can understand their current skill level and then create a personalized plan just for them.

This assessment, and every lesson I teach, take place via simple video conferencing software such as Skype, Facetime, and Zoom; meaning all students require is a laptop or tablet and a reliable internet connection. Using this simple software, lets parents join in the lessons themselves, watching their children grow and learn throughout the course of the program.

I offer one-off, pay-as-you-go lessons but for the best results taking the discounted twelve-course package is recommended as this lets us work through all of the required lessons in a suitable timescale.

So give your child the gift of music and book their assessment today.