Voice, Violin and Piano Teacher


Voice, Violin and Piano Teacher Lilette Manguira

Having a family of musician, teacher Lilette was influenced to be a musician also. She took up Bachelor of Music major in Choral Conducting, concentration in Voice and minor in Piano. She studied at New Era University under Professor Ed Manguiat. She conducted her graduation recital with UP Singing Ambassadors.

Her inspiration during her studies was her professor who pushed her to become a great musician.

With so much passion in music, she also joined a band (Chasing Goliath) under David Mercado, which was her first career in music.

She performs in events, shows and also recordings.

To pursue her teaching career, she took teaching units, and attended online seminars.

Teacher Lilette is teaching voice, violin and piano since 2013. She handles from beginner to advanced students. She also handled choirs (adult and children), and perform in events of school. She teaches violin from beginner to intermediate.

Her goal in becoming musician, is to share her passion and love with music. She wants to touch lives and become an inspiration to everyone.

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